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Westpark Loans provides business-purpose real estate financing for real estate investors, self-employed borrowers, and small business owners. We have originated over $1 billion since 2007 as a direct hard money lender and broker. Let our team of seasoned professionals help you obtain the best real estate financing available while providing exceptional service.

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  • 11 Mar

    Investor-Friendly Realtors- Valuable Resource for REIers

    While some real estate investors may want to do their own digging and handle transactions solo, there are a lot of advantages to working with a real estate agent. However, in the world of real estate investing, not all real estate agents are made equal. To get the most out of any property, from a fix and flip to a larger rental building designed to drive long-term income, you need to find a partner who is ideal for an investor, not a standard buyer. And that is where an Investor-Friendly Realtor...

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  • 11 Mar

    How Real Estate is a Great Hedge Against Inflation

    How Real Estate is a Great Hedge Against Inflation The impact of inflation in 2022 and into 2023 is hard to ignore. Prices have increased sharply on a broad variety of goods, from groceries to gas, leaving families and investors alike pinching pennies and worrying about what the future may bring.   For risk-averse investors, selling real estate for the promise of fast profits or otherwise taking what seem like less risky steps might be appealing – especially if liquidity is in question. H...

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  • 11 Mar

    Private Money Real Estate Loans: An Overview & Good Reasons

    Dan Harkey, at DanHarkey.com writes great articles about real estate on his website. You can read more articles by visiting his website. In this article, he discusses “Private Money Real Estate Loans: An Overview & Good Reasons.”   Can You Collateralize Your Loan to Borrow money?   The short answer is yes, with conditions.   1)  The term “collateralize” means to pledge something of value as security for loan repayments and be willing to forfeit the asset owne...

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