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WestparkTeamPhotoWestpark Loans, formed in 2007, has established itself as California’s leading provider for business purpose loans. With today’s strict residential loan guidelines, many self employed borrowers are unable to procure a conventional mortgage loan.


Founder Scott Clift had a solution in mind, Unconventional Lending, and with that Westpark Loans was born. Now real estate investors and self employed borrowers are able to secure funding for their properties without having to jump through all the hoops that Full Doc loan products insist upon.


Westpark Loans has made mortgage lending fast and easy for business purpose borrowers.


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We are self-employed with cyclical income, but we have significant assets. Despite being able to pay cash for a home, we could not qualify for any conventional loan program; and we called many “private banks” that claimed to find loans for self-employed. Then we met Anthony! He and his team found a few (not just one!) options that allowed us to purchase a home with terms that worked best for us. Anthony is on top of every second of the process; responding to our many questions very quickly (usually within 30 minutes!). He is professional, driven, creative and honest. If we hadn’t found Westpark, we probably would still be renting.”


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