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Why Choose One of Our Affiliate Partners?

At Westpark Loans, we are asked about trusted partners for business loans, lines of credit, credit repair, and home equity sharing programs. We’ve carefully curated a list of our trusted affiliates, each one a standout in their respective field. These professionals share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our collaboration with these affiliates ensures that you receive a seamless, comprehensive service throughout your mortgage process. We trust them with our clients.

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Real Estate Services

Whether you need a quick clean-up, payment dispute, or balance negotiation, one of our credit repair affiliates can help you.

RentCastLook up rent prices and grow your rental property portfolio.



Rentometer – Paying too much for rent or charging too little? Get rental comps and find apartments with Rentometer.


DealCheckQuickly search for properties and import their description, list price, value & rent estimates, property taxes, photos and more.

American Home Shield – Every homeowner needs a plan for system and appliance breakdowns. Signup for a home warranty.

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Business Lines of Credit

As a small business owner, you need working capital. Work with one of our trusted affiliates to get you the business line of credit you need.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card.



Capital One Credit Card


American Express

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Home Equity Sharing Programs

If you need a home equity loan but can’t qualify any other way, a home equity sharing program with no monthly payments may be right for you.

UnisonA smarter way to access the home equity you already own, without interest, debt, or monthly payments.




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Conventional HELOCs

Westpark Loans specializes in bank statement and hard money HELOCs, but not conventional HELOC’s. Here are Conventional HELOC’s providers we affiliate with:

Prosper HELOC
Get your flexible HELOC offer in minutes. The simplest way to turn your home equity into flexible funds. See your interest rate and credit limit in minutes, with no impact on your credit score.


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Down Payment Assistance Program for Real Estate Investors

Why Down Payment Assistance?

Many REI Pros are finding themselves caught in a new type of financial squeeze when it comes to the percentage of the purchase price that hard money and private lenders require that they bring to closing, i.e. “Skin-In-The-Game” (SITG) cash.


Until recently, it was possible to secure, say a 90% loan from such lenders, with the borrower required to contribute the other 10% as their SITG capital. And while those terms are still available in some cases, many REI Pros are waking up to a new reality: They need to bring closer to 20%-30% SITG cash to closing in terms of actual down payment money, with a general average of around 25% DP money currently required.


Upping the SITG percentage is a risk-reduction strategy employed by lenders in response to what they perceive as new uncertainties in the real estate investment marketplace, on a go-forward basis. The reality for REI Pros caught in this new “liquidity squeeze” is that they now may need to potentially come up with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in new (SITG) investment capital above what was previously required. Without new SITG capital, the REIer cannot close on the deal. A potential solution to this new dilemma is what we refer to as “Down Payment Assistance (equity) funding”: This is where a third party, such as CTF, provides the needed extra SITG/DP cash in return for a modest (5%) share of the ARV. See below for info about DPA.


How the Down Payment Assistance Program Works

  • We provide Down Payment Assistance funding to experienced REI Pros, on a Joint Venture—JV–(equity) basis. The program is designed for REI Pros who need to close a real estate purchase, but lack all the cash they need for the down payment, closing costs, etc.
  • The REI Pro has a deal that meets CTF’s normal funding criteria, i.e. the REI Pro is purchasing the property for 70% or less of ARV; he has already lined up funding (i.e. a hard money/private loan) for the 70%. They need 25% down payment (skin-in-the-game) money, but only have 10% available, and need 15% Down Payment Assistance. That is where we might be of help by providing the missing 15%, in return for a modest 5% share of the eventual ARV.
  • We offer full account protection.


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