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Westpark Loans is a California mortgage broker and nationwide, direct hard money lender.  We offer all types of home loans including Conventional, Jumbo, Government, Alternative Documentation, and Hard Money Loans.  Our team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain the best real estate financing available with exceptional service. Westpark Loans has originated over $1 billion in loans since 2007.

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  • 17 May

    Market Value vs. Appraised Value They Are Not the Same!

    Dan Harkey, at DanHarkey.com writes great articles about real estate on his website. You can read more articles by visiting his website. In this article, he discusses “Market Value vs. Appraised Value They Are Not the Same!”   There are multiple methods for determining a property’s value. There are also numerous definitions of value conclusions depending on the purpose of the appraisal assignment and the intended use. But original purpose and actual use may be different, ...

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  • 08 Apr

    Purchasing Investment Properties with Entities

    When considering borrowing money to finance an investment property, many, especially newer investors, view the process from a personal perspective. They expect to be taking out a traditional loan.    Seasoned investors, however, understand that sometimes borrowing through an entity is a better choice than co-mingling personal finances with investment activities. This is particularly true for those who understand the benefits and are willing to handle the extra legwork and expenses that set...

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  • 08 Mar

    Why the Real Estate Market is the Best It’s Ever Been

    If you are planning to purchase an investment property or purchase a home, the news is full of dire updates, for buyers, on the real estate market. Real estate prices are through the roof and those with minimal liquid assets, like cash flow tied up in existing investment properties, are facing challenges to fund new properties.    Many areas of the country are prohibitively expensive, including in California, with prices rising at the fastest pace in decades. There are, however, deals to b...

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