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Westpark Loans is a California mortgage broker and nationwide, direct hard money lender.  We offer all types of home loans including Conventional, Jumbo, Government, Alternative Documentation, and Hard Money Loans.  Our team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain the best real estate financing available with exceptional service. Westpark Loans has originated over $1 billion in loans since 2007.

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  • 17 May

    Should You Consider a Real Estate Investment Partner

    Real estate investing can be a major undertaking. The process of doing due diligence on cities and neighborhoods, touring properties, pricing the cost of repairs, and obtaining necessary capital can require significant time and knowledge.   While most real estate investors go out on their own – there’s something to be said for independence in making decisions – a solo strategy isn’t right for everyone. Some investors find confidence in working with a partner, either for a si...

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  • 18 Mar

    Debunking 8 Real Estate Investing Myths

    Real estate investing offers a wealth of potential – both literally and figuratively. Successful investors can see the potential in properties and maximize the opportunities available to turn a profit.   Compared to other forms of investing, real estate has a steeper learning curve. The capital required to invest is higher than some of the easier alternatives, meaning that investors need to have an educated strategy and a concrete game plan before taking the plunge. However, some of the c...

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  • 11 Feb

    ROI Expectations When Investing in a California Rental Property

    The objective of any investment is to turn a profit, and real estate is no different. Any purchase, whether to fix and flip or rent to tenants, is inherently designed to generate revenue. However, not all properties are made equal, and some have more potential than others.   When considering different real estate properties, calculating an expected return on investment, or ROI, is an important part of the due diligence process. Many different kinds of factors can play a role in ROI, so unde...

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