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Westpark Loans is a California mortgage broker and nationwide, direct hard money lender.  We offer all types of home loans including Conventional, Jumbo, Government, Alternative Documentation, and Hard Money Loans.  Our team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain the best real estate financing available with exceptional service. Westpark Loans has originated over $1 billion in loans since 2007.

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  • 14 Nov

    The Dos and Don’ts of Property Investment

    Every type of investment property – whether a fix and flip, a rental property, or another type of investment – has its own set of tips and tricks to increase the likelihood of a successful (meaning, profitable) investment. This article describes the dos and don’ts for each of these investment types:   The Universal Do Do Get the Right Team in Place Regardless of what type of investment you are looking to make, one of the most important steps is to ensure that you hire the right team t...

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  • 20 Oct

    The Best Way to Get a Loan to Fix and Flip a Property

    For many real estate investors, outside funding is an essential part of purchasing investment property. While buying in cash is the simplest, an outright cash purchase may not be possible or even preferable, particularly for those who have liquid assets tied up in other investments or who wish to leverage their cash across many properties. Even investors who generally prefer buying in cash may find loans to be necessary from time to time, if, for example, a prior fix and flip is not completed or...

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  • 04 Oct

    2022 Top California Cities to Buy and Hold Investment Properties in California

    As one of the largest states in the United States, California covers a wide range of climates, cultural preferences, and, of course, real estate markets. From beaches stretching from the Mexican border to forested areas near the Oregon border, to the rolling hills of Napa Valley, to desert climates further inland, there are plenty of places to buy and hold rental properties in the Golden State. However, in 2022, some markets are better than others. These are some top cities for buy and hold inve...

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