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Westpark Loans is a California mortgage broker and nationwide, direct hard money lender.  We offer all types of home loans including Conventional, Jumbo, Government, Alternative Documentation, and Hard Money Loans.  Our team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain the best real estate financing available with exceptional service. Westpark Loans has originated over $1 billion in loans since 2007.

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  • 27 Sep

    Private Money Real Estate Loans: An Overview of Good Reasons

    Dan Harkey, at DanHarkey.com writes great articles about real estate on his website. You can read more articles by visiting his website. In this article, he discusses “Private Money Real Estate Loans”   A subset of the real estate lending business exists where the loans are funded by private party investors rather than banks or other institutional lenders. This is referred to as bridge lending, private party lending, or hard money lending. The purpose of these privately funded l...

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  • 13 Sep

    Business vs Consumer Purpose Lending

    Dan Harkey, at DanHarkey.com writes great articles about real estate on his website. You can read more articles by visiting his website. In this article, he discusses “Business vs Consumer Purpose Lending.”   Why is the distinction between business and consumer purpose lending important? Because both federal and most state government(s) have created regulations that require special disclosures and notice/reporting responsibilities for lenders when dealing with consumer purpose borro...

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  • 01 Sep

    Buying an Investment Property In a (Super) Competitive Market

    Buying investment property, even for seasoned investors, is rarely easy. The process can be expensive, time consuming, and complex, leading to a significant undertaking with every transaction. In addition, some markets, especially in California, are harder to buy in than others.   Purchasing in a competitive market poses its own unique challenges beyond the basics of buying. When properties receive 20 or 30 offers, all of which are at or above asking price, standing out from the crowd is es...

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