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Westpark Loans is a California mortgage broker and nationwide, direct hard money lender.  We offer all types of home loans including Conventional, Jumbo, Government, Alternative Documentation, and Hard Money Loans.  Our team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain the best real estate financing available with exceptional service. Westpark Loans has originated over $1 billion in loans since 2007.

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  • 01 Sep

    Expenses of Running a Rental Property

    Running a rental property is often proposed as a quick, efficient way to make additional income, a simple avenue to expand one’s portfolio and drive extra cash. However, established investors know that running an effective rental business can be easier said than done. Operating a rental property can take a significant amount of capital, both when getting started and to keep tenants happy. Here is what you need to know to properly budget for the expenses associated with a rental property. ...

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  • 03 Aug

    Interest Only Loans – When They Make Sense and Why

    Most homeowners and investors are familiar with a standard loan – one in which an amount of money is borrowed, and payments are made on both the interest and principal. However, this is not the only option. Interest-only loans, while less common, can be valuable tools in the right hands, particularly from an investment standpoint.   Interest-only loans are a niche product, and, in many cases, will not be the right choice for everyone. But under the right circumstances, it is possible to b...

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  • 05 Jul

    Property Insurance Coverages, Part II, An Overview

    Dan Harkey, at DanHarkey.com writes great articles about real estate on his website. You can read more articles by visiting his website. In this article, he discusses “Property Insurance Coverages, Part II, An Overview”   This overview of property insurance has relevance to property owners, real estate agents & brokers, mortgage agents & lenders, insurance agents & brokers, escrow officers, and title insurers. The article is broken down into part I and part II. Part ...

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