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Why Should You Join Westpark Loans?


Westpark Loans was founded to provide loan to real estate financing for real estate investors, self-employed borrowers, and small business owners in California. With over $1 billion dollars of funded loans, we provide our clients with quality service, the best rates, and the fastest closing times. We are proud to say that we close the loans the others can’t!




What We Offer


We want to loan originators to maximize their income and empower them to do more.


That’s why your success is our success. With 15 years as one of the leading mortgage brokers in the country, Westpark Loans ensures that its loan originators have access to an unmatched array of loan products that are not only competitive but also encompass the latest technological innovations. This is achieved while preserving the invaluable independence of our loan originators. Borrowers can have the utmost confidence in receiving the best opportunities the industry has to offer.


Minimize Risk, Maximize Reward. Westpark Loans streamlines the process for loan originators, with a top-of-the-line CRM system designed to help you fund more loans and fund them faster.


Westpark Loans offers you assistance unmatched by other brokerages. We can help you from the first client contact to the the final document signing. It’s why loan officers trust Westpark Loans.



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Loan Originator

With access to a state-of-the-art CRM system and tools to help you fund loans quickly, Apply below to be a loan originator.



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