Customer service is our #1 priority. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best service and support. Read just a few of our testimonials below or read all of our reviews on Yelp.


Tigran Greatly Appreciated Our Service


  “There is no room to improve. Mike is the best loan officer that I have ever worked with. He is patient, knowledgeable and most importantly honest.”


-Reviewed by Tigran M.



David Appreciated the Guidance


  “Mr. Anthony Carroll did a spectacular job bringing our loan together. He went to great lengths timely suggestions and guidance, as well as offering solutions to things we weren’t aware of. I’d recommend Anthony to anyone who wants a job done professionally. I’ll go to him for all my future financial needs, and he is my new financial service officer.”


-Reviewed on Facebook by David M.



Lightning Fast Close for Steve


“Wayne Kim was awesome to work with. He handled each step of the loan process with lighting speed. He was on top of every requirement with immediate response. Every question was handled professionally and every deadline was completed before there was any need for a deadline. I never had 1 minute of stress with the loan process and it could not have gone smoother.”


-Reviewed on Google by Steve E.



We Offer 5-Star Customer Service


“Wayne kim awesome awesome guy very patient & understanding, answered all my question, in no way was in a rush, didn’t get off the phone until i was at ease and comfortable. Whatever you need are this guy can find a solution for my loan. We closed in 5 business days super fast & efficient. If you want to get where you want to be give Wayne Kim a shot at ?????’s!”


-Reviewed on Google by Robin J.



We’re Able to Close Difficult Refinances


“We had a difficult ReFi due to being self employed, and many lenders just would not work with me. I contacted West Park Loans, and Anthony Carroll answered my inquiry. I went in to this not expecting much, but Anthony went above and beyond to take care of my refinance. He even got us a loan with great terms and a great rate, which we were not expecting. He was very prompt in all communication, and never ceased to let me know what step we were at, and the time frames in completing each step. He was very friendly, kind, and an absolute dream to work with. If you need a loan done, this is the place, and Anthony Carroll is the guy.”


-Reviewed on Google by Richard V.



We Closed a Tough Stated Income Loan


“Wayne Kim and his team are awesome. Thank you so so much for your hard work and professional manner that could help my tough case of stated income loan approved. And my dream becomes true, I owned the house I love. I committed to recommend you to all my friends, family, relatives who are looking for lenders to buy their houses.”


-Reviewed on Google by Ben T.



We Can Close Loans Quickly


“These guys are by far the BEST company to work with. I’ve done 2 purchase loans from them and they are so professional and always so easy to work with. They closed my most recent loan in less than 25 days and went from loan submission to clear to close in just 12 days! I can’t say enough nice things about Anthony and his team. I plan on using them anytime I need a home loan!”


-Reviewed on Google by Darren M.



We Walk Our Clients Through Every Step


“True professionals!!!!!! A+++++ service from start to finish!! Anthony Carroll walked me through every step of the process and everything he said happened exactly as planned!! Anthony even stayed in contact while he was on vacation which was during my closing process! He definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty!! We cannot thank him and Westpark enough!!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Rob R.



We Can Move Fast


“I was very impressed with the quick, efficient and professional loan process at Westpark Loans.  I dealt with Mike Illig and he made the process a breeze from my initial phone call to funding within a couple of weeks.  Hard to believe he made everything move so fast, but he did.  It was much faster and easier than dealing with a traditional bank.  I couldn’t be more pleased and would definitely recommend calling Westpark to see if they can provide the service you need!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Jan O.



Business Use Loans Can Close Quickly


“Westpark helped us get a low-documents loan for our business quickly and with minimal effort. The loan has considerably better terms than all business loans we considered from other lenders. Our broker, Kamalani, could not have been more helpful and professional. We thank Westpark and will turn to them for any future funding needs.”


-Reviewed on Google by Roland.



We Only Hire the Most Experienced Loan Officers


“I cannot recommend George highly enough. He was unfailingly polite and professional even when I was impatient and frustrated. I cannot thank him enough. If you have a pretty standard loan, please take it to George to make up for all the difficult loans (like mine) that he does with the same professionalism.

I can only echo Shauna here. I, too, used to be in the biz and was shocked when I went to refinance and could not find anyone who knew anything in detail. Most loan officers these days are no-nothings filling out worksheets that you could do yourself online. It takes contacts and a deep knowledge of complicated products that sets George out from the rest. He’s been around awhile, knows the industry in and out,  and doesn’t give up.

No one, including me, thought I could refinance at a decent rate. George made it happen.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Alison H.



Our Commitment to Service is Our #1 Priority


“As many loan officers that I have worked with, I have never experienced superior service like working with Anthony. He was on it. Responds quickly. Customer service is a 5 star.  I wish the big brand banks had service like this. Well to bad for them, and good for Anthony. See you in 4 months Anthony and thanks again.   Referrals will be coming your way. G.S.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Gloria S.



We Can Close Your Complicated Deals


“When no one else could George got it done! We completed not only my residential loan, but my concurrent commercial! Now here we are a few months later owners of our first commercial property! He was there for us every step of the way, from someone who used to be in mortgage loans personally I can tell you he was the only person to think outside the box (which we needed) he came up with solutions when others didn’t want to even deal with our complicated situation and in only a few months time! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a broker willing to go above an beyond! Thank you George you will definitely be hearing from us in the future!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Shauna A.



We Close Our Loans As Smoothly As Possible


“WOW!! is all I can say about Anthony and the entire experience working with him and Westpark. From our initial mortgage loan process (which I forgot to review 5 stars at the time) to our recent short term loan we just completed.

He is efficient, detailed, very very easy to deal with and keeps the updates going along the way keeping you in the loop which is VERY helpful as well. In all the BS and misc stuff that can occur during a mortgage process he makes sure everything flows well. Anyone that’s ever been through it knows how stressful it can be…well, not with Anthony on your team!!

Thank you again, this is a well deserved 5 stars all the way around front start to finish and everything in between. Looking forward to the next one.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Nixon M.



Our Clients Love Coming Back


“Westpark Loans is a great company to work with because of their experience and knowledge of financial instruments. We recently completed our second loan with them, Their genuine interest in our needs and desires made buying our new home a fantastic experience. Scott was patient, extremely attentive and offered sound advice during the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with our loan and the service we received when making a recent real estate purchase. We would recommend Westpark to anyone considering a real estate transaction.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Jonathan D.



Clients Have Trusted Us Since 2007


“I went through 5 other lenders before finding Westpark Loans on google. Other lenders were lagging and taking way too long or were just unable to complete what I thought was a simple task. Once I spoke to Anthony Carroll at Westpark Loans it was like a dream come true, this man is an expert in his field. The level of professionalism is just unreal, making other loan officers just seem like amateurs. All said and done the process was fast, painless, and professional! Thank you Anthony and Scott for everything! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Paul P.



We Offer Personal Attention to Every Loan


“I just wanted to drop you a note to express our gratitude to you for the successful journey you went through with us in securing funding to fulfill a dream of homeownership in the perfect home, in the perfect town.


I especially appreciate you making our dream a part of yours and making our goal a personal mission for you. You not only invested a whole lot of time and effort but also your emotions as well to ensure that we were working towards the best possible result for my family. All the ups and downs we experienced during the process was also your ups and downs and so we felt more at peace in going through this difficult process together since the lending environment is much more restrictive and strict these days after the recent mortgage mess.


If it werenʼt for your personal attention, your extraordinary knowledge of the system, boundless creativity and not to mention persistence and professional assertiveness with the lender, we would not be in our dream home now. I am so glad we didn’t go with the big corporate lenders like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Chase because they would have given up when some issues came up which did for us or merely given us an inferior product.


Your personal handling of our file and strategic agility coupled with your broad view of the lending system and grit got us the funding needed to get into our home.


I will happily refer anyone I know who needs a mortgage over to you. I am absolutely sure they will be just as happy with you and the service you provide as I am.


Gratefully, Pete”


-Emailed to us by Pete S.



We Only Hire Professional Loan Officers


“I took me time to decide which company to go with, and the honesty, integrity, and know how of West Park Loans was most impressive. Wayne Kim handled everything as perfectly as it can be possible. I am completely satisfied. Wonderful job above expectations!”


-Reviewed on Google by Annuelle M.



Need a Self-Employed Loan? No Problem!


“If it wouldn’t have been for the reviews, I never would have made contact with Anthony Carroll.  And in doing so, he secured a loan that fit our special circumstances.  It is a 2nd at 65 LTV.  We have only one hit on our report for an inquiry as opposed to other lenders that ran it sometimes 3 and 4 times.

Our circumstance: self employed, low credit, good equity, cash out

Results: Quick to close, amazing response (have to mention Anthony was in constant contact with even the minutia), FIXED a erroneous lien (thank you West Park Loans), other than application and a few documents…very minimal paperwork, and very very important- not once did they lose any paperwork or ask for it twice, very pleasant communication.

I hope I have covered everything because if had not been for Anthony Carroll and his team, I would have gone with another lender and refinanced the whole loan at a higher rate with uncertain outcome.  I just hope this reviews serves to help someone as the ones before, did for us and our family.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Kat M.



We Close Hard Stated Income Loans


“Wayne Kim and his team are awesome . Thank you so so much for your hard work and professional manner that could help my tough case of stated income loan approved. And my dream becomes true, I owned the house I love. I committed to recommend you to all my friends, family, relatives who are looking for lenders to buy their houses.”


-Reviewed on Google by Ben T.



We Close the Loans the Others Can’t!


“I contacted Westpark loans when I saw my other mortgage broker was bluffing and dragging our loan approval with all sorts of excuses. I was getting nervous, desperate and on the eve of contract sign off, I checked Yelp and called Wespark as it had good reviews. Mike Illig answered but he was not sure if he was able to help in my situation to get a loan with W2 only. I contacted few others with mix responses. Mike called back unexpectedly same evening (after hours and never expected a call back) and said he checked with some lenders, therefore willing to take on the loan. Although we were suspicious if Mike able to pull this off, I sent all he requested. He explained the process, time it will take and  commitment from my part. I signed the contract with 30 day closing as Mike was able to quickly review all my docs,credit and get me the pre qual. Mike was more interested closing the loan timely than I was and extremely thorough as well as professional. He communicated to me during all sorts of hours to ensure I provide all necessary to process loan seamless. My loan was approved thru underwriter very quick (few days quicker than expected!) and we were able to close within 30days to get our first CA home.
I am realtor in CA as well as an investor in Texas before moving into CA. I worked with many mortgage agents, but never had someone like Mike Illig who was dedicated to process. Our family is extremely grateful for the work done by Mike and will be working with him in all my future transactions. Thanks you Westpark for having people like Mike in your staff!!!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Nalin P. in Irvine, CA



We’ll Work Weekends and Holidays to Close Your Loan


“Anthony Carroll and his team are beyond professional and competent. In a world where far too many people simply don’t care or can’t do their job, lives the polar opposite in perfection at Westpark Loans. Applying and qualifying for a non-traditional home loan is not for sissy’s. And this team of professionals’ is right beside you every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication even through 3 holidays starting with Thanksgiving and miraculously closing this loan just a day before the New Years break!  Outstanding! Stupendous! Purely AWESOME on every aspect of this process. My wife and I thank you for all that you did to make our dream a reality.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Bradley D. in Capitola, CA



We Fund Loans Quickly


“Highly recommended! We didn’t qualify for a traditional loan (recent job-change, with 2 months gap)
I was browsing the internet looking for an alternative lender, and choose Westpark Loans based on the reviews.
This loan was even better: it closed in only 2 weeks, it was competitive, in a multiple offer situation, and the paperwork was much reasonable than with traditional lenders. Anthony Carroll is very professional, he made it fast and easy. I was very impressed, that he is up before 5 am every morning checking documents and sending out emails!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Hajni C. in Walnut Creek, CA



Clients Come Back For Our Commitment to Excellence


“Westpark Loans is a great company to work with because of their experience and knowledge of financial instruments. We recently completed our second loan with them, Their genuine interest in our needs and desires made buying our new home a fantastic experience. Scott was patient, extremely attentive and offered sound advice during the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with our loan and the service we received when making a recent real estate purchase. We would recommend Westpark to anyone considering a real estate transaction.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Jonathan D. in Yorba Linda, CA



We Won’t Let Down Our Clients


“Prior to getting in contact with Westpark Loans, we were working with another Loan Officer from another broker who gave us nothing but false promises and even pulled a bait and switch on us 2 weeks into escrow.  Due to the multiple let downs, we were desperate for another solution so I decided to get in contact Westpark Loans.  I had explained my situation to Anthony Carroll and let him know I had to close on a purchase in less than 1 week.  Anthony said he could get it done, so we went along with it.  2 days later, an appraisal was ordered and we were signing loan docs the very next evening!  Talk about fast and efficient! Let me also mention, he has the best response time!


Anthony has been a complete blessing for us throughout this entire process.  Just when we were ready to throw our hands up, Anthony came to our rescue!  Anthony did what he said he was going to do.


If you are looking for a loan officer who is not only knowledgable but also TRUSTWORTHY and true to his word, please contact Anthony.  He will not let you down.  I can assure that any family and friends that need a loan will be immediately referred to Anthony.  What a great guy!  What a great experience.


Thank you, Anthony!!!!  We will be in contact with you in a few months to refi!  Keep rockin!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Mathryn E. in Vista, CA



We Find the Lowest Rates For You


“I was searching for a quick loan to use for business project. Then I met Anthony Carroll from westpark loans company. He was extremely precise and extremely organized about my loan situation, on top of all extremely fast to setting up my loan. Also the interest rate was fair compare with other offers from other financial companies, so I didn’t even bother to negotiate. The entire process went smoothly and quickly thanks Anthony and his team for their great service and unmatchable performance! I will definitely stay with this company for future needs because of him!”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Richard Z. in Yorba Linda, CA



We Help People Close on Their Dream Home


“Anthony Carroll will get it done! We are self-employed with cyclical income, but we have significant assets. Despite being able to pay cash for a home, we could not qualify for any conventional loan program; and we called many “private banks” that claimed to find loans for self-employed. Then we met Anthony! He and his team found a few (not just one!) options that allowed us to purchase a home with terms that worked best for us. Anthony is on top of every second of the process; responding to our many questions very quickly (usually within 30 minutes!). He is professional, driven, creative and honest. If we hadn’t found Westpark, we probably would still be renting.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Bethany S. in Redondo Beach, CA



We Close Hard Cases


“I knew the refi of my investment property was not going to be easy. Being self employed, I was relying on an alternate document / stated income loan with a bit of mess on my credit report. I liked that WEG made sure my refi had a good chance of success before they did the appraisals and other inquiries on my credit. In other words, if the deal fell through, my credit wouldn’t take a hit and I did not lose money on unnecessary work. Anthony, in particular, was great from the very beginning, giving me updates first thing in the morning which gave me all day to produce additional documentation as needed. Annette and others worked very hard to get the job done and I have faith that they can perform miracles. Kudos to all of them at WEG.”


-Reviewed on Google by Roger L. in San Diego, CA



We Can Help Your Purchase a Property


“I just recently finalized my purchase of my new home. I tried going through two different lenders before that pre-approved me and got me into escrow then continued to further string out my escrow to find out they were nothing they said they were. Neither of them followed up with the lenders or myself like they said they would, they both swore this would be an easy transaction with my pre qualifications. After two exhausting different experience with prior loan officers, I finally came across Mike Illig and his team at Westpark Equity Group. Mike first evaluated my file before calling me back. He very professional and honest from the first conversation, letting me know yes this was a loan he could get done. He worked even after hours and through the holidays while on vacation to make sure my file was being processed as fast as possible. He was very informative about everything, along with always being positive no matter what issue arose. He was knowledgeable about all the different options offered to me. If he didn’t have answers with my file, he would always let me know he was in contact with the different lenders and what the status was. I can’t say enough good things about both Mike Illig and Westpark. They actually made my dream come true with giving me the exact loan I wanted and giving my family our new home. I have so many friends and family looking to re finance or purchase investment homes and I’m excited to be the one to share Westpark Equity Group with them so they too can have a great experience with them. I’m so extremely happy and grateful for what Mike Illig and Westpark Equity Group did for me!”


-Reviewed on RateaBiz by Tiana H. in California



We Close Constructions Loans


“I recently closed a transaction with Westpark Equity Group and I was extremely pleased with their professionalism and performance. As a self-employed business owner I was having difficulty obtaining a loan on a new house and was referred to Anthony Carroll who specializes in non-traditional home loans. Anthony was easily the most responsive mortgage broker I have ever dealt with (and I have purchased multiple homes so I have dealt with a lot of them!). Every text, e-mail and phone call was returned promptly and he went out of his way to respond immediately to any questions or concerns I had. Along with obtaining financing, Anthony put me in contact with Dan Woo who along with the owner Scott Clift, personally accompanied me to negotiate the price of a new construction home. They were able to save me a considerable amount of money by negotiating with the builder and were in contact every step of the way during the escrow process until closing. To sum it up, everyone who I worked with at Westpark were true to their word and were extremely helpful in every step of the homebuying process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase or refinance any form of real estate and will look to work with them again in the future.”


-Reviewed on Yelp by Allen A. in Los Angeles, CA





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