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All In One Loans

For California Homes Only


If you are like most homeowners, you probably owe a mortgage on your home. And while your loan may have provided you with an opportunity to buy your home or save a few dollars on your payment, the truth is that mortgages are expensive. Even at historically low rates, mortgage interest can result in total mortgage payments over the life of the loan being more than double the home’s original purchase price. That additional expense can obstruct your progress with other financial goals such as saving for retirement or preparing for a rainy day.


But it no longer must be that way thanks to the revolutionary All In One Loan. With the All In One Loan, you can avoid tens of thousands of dollars in excessive mortgage interest, pay off your home in half the time or less, and gain access to your home’s equity dollars without having to refinance. Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t – and it’s now available through the All In One Loan.


Who Would Benefit from an All In One Loan?

The All In One Loan is ideal for financially disciplined homeowners with excellent credit and at least 20% equity in their home.


How It Works

What makes the All In One Loan so powerful is that it is not a mortgage at all, but instead, a home equity line of credit. Lines of credit are unique because they are flexible, two-way instruments allowing you to apply as much money as you desire toward the balance without losing access to your funds. The All In One Loan provides 30-year access to home equity dollars, has a great low rate, and no hidden fees or required balloon payment. Additionally, the All In One Loan works just like an ordinary checking account. Yes, home finance and personal banking are bundled together!


This revolutionary design allows you to use your everyday cash flow to offset your loan’s balance and save mortgage interest without requiring a change to your budget.


Program Highlights

Deposits made into the All In One Loan pay down principal first and remain available 24/7 through the banking features. The loan comes with ATM cards for all users of the account, secure online bill-pay, unlimited check writing, direct deposit and bank-to-bank wire transferring. Your monthly interest payments are computed on each day’s ending balance, so even as you withdraw money from your account for regular expenses, your loan’s daily balance is kept lower for longer – and that equates to less interest being charged than with a conventional mortgage.


In effect, you reduce the amount of interest that accrues on your loan by using your regular cash flow to reduce your average daily loan balance, effectively earning more than what you could typically earn on those dollars in a regular checking account. Less of your money spent on monthly mortgage interest means more of your money left over to help you meet other financial objectives.


Getting Started

To help you determine if the All In One Loan is right for you, please contact one of our licensed Loan Specialists by calling us directly at 844-574-LOAN (5626), by submitting the form on the right or by completing an application directly on our website. Or feel free to run the numbers for yourself using our interactive simulator to see how much you can save using the All In One Loan.  The only thing you have to lose is tens of thousands of dollars in interest and years off your mortgage!


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i. Loans are not available in all states; Westpark Loans only brokers loans in California.
ii. Rates are subject to change daily and throughout the day without notice.
iii. Neither this website nor its parent company is a lender.
iv. The rates and payments shown do not factor in all your information. Your specific situation may warrant a higher rate and payment based on credit history, income, and many other factors. Speak to one of our mortgage professionals to get personalized rate and monthly payment quotes.
v. Credit may exceed the fair market value of the dwelling. Interest on the portion of the credit extension that is greater than the fair market value of the dwelling is not tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes. The consumer should consult a tax adviser for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.
vi. Stated Income products may have a higher interest rate, more points, or more fees than other products requiring documentation.


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