Second Chance Purchase Loans


With 10+ years of experience in lending that betters the financial position of our customers, Westpark Loans is very successful in offering and closing loans that no one else can. Our unique lending philosophy – superior service, a complete financial review, and bettering the financial position of the borrower and the community – has allowed us to close millions of dollars in loans.


Who Would Benefit from a Second Chance Purchase Loan?

Second Chance Purchase Loans are ideal for someone who would like to purchase a home now but cannot qualify for a conventional loan due to a recently experienced foreclosure, short sale and/or bankruptcy.


How It Works

We can offer Second Chance Purchase Loans to clients who have been out of foreclosure or bankruptcy for as little as one day.  Unfortunately, we cannot help borrowers who are currently in foreclosure or bankruptcy.


Program Highlights

  • Up to 80% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio
  • No minimum credit score
  • Full Income Documentation Required
  • Bankruptcy, foreclosure and short sales are acceptable
  • Up to 7% seller help is allowed (i.e., the seller can pay closing costs in an amount up to 7% of the total purchase price)
  • Gift funds are acceptable
  • Need sufficient funds to cover 2 months of principal, interest, taxes and insurance post-closing
  • May consider first-time homebuyer with a larger down payment
  • Same day approvals and closing within 10 business days of appraisal order


Getting Started

To help you determine if a Second Chance Purchase Loan is right for you, please contact one of our licensed Loan Specialists by calling us directly at 844-574-LOAN (5626), by submitting the form on the right or by completing an application directly on our website.



Fix & Flip Loan Matrix



Loan Term

12 Months

12 – 18 months (Extensions Possible)

Min. Loan Amount



Min. Property Value


$35K Per Door

Max Property Value




Purchase: Up to 90% of the Purchase Price + 100% of Renovation Costs

Refinance: Up to 72.5% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs

Cash-Out: Up to 65% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs

Purchase: Up to 75% of the Purchase Price + 100% of Renovation Costs

Refinance: Up to 65% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs

Cash-Out: Up to 60% of the As-Is Value + 100% of Renovation Costs

Minimum FICO Score



Property Types

Non-Owner Occupied 1-4

Family Real Estate; Condos;


Non-Owner Occupied Multi-Family Real Estate; 5+ Unit Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties

Pre-Payment Penalty



Termination Fee

1% After Month 9

1% After Month 9


Schedule a Loan Officer Consultation

To determine the right loan program with you, schedule some time with a loan officer to discuss your options. Call us at 844-574-5626 now or schedule a time to meet with a loan officer.



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"Working with Anthony and his team was a complete pleasure, definitely one of the most professional group of people I've ever worked with. I personally is very impatient and like to get things done immediately. Because of this I also expect the same from the people I work with and his team didn't disappoint. Whether it is a phone call, email or text message Anthony will usually respond within minutes. He and his team are truly committed to ensuring you get your loan, and will do what it takes to get it for you. I would highly recommend using them for your loan!"

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