Cash Out Refinance Loans


Cash Out Refinance Loans are perfect for borrowers who need cash very quickly and either cannot wait 30-60 days for conventional financing or do not qualify for conventional financing.


Who Would Benefit from a Cash Out Refinance Loan?

  1. A real estate investor who needs quick access to cash to pay for a new investment property.
  2. A real estate investor who already has 8 properties financed by Fannie/Freddie and wants to finance additional properties with Fannie/Freddie.
  3. A small business owner who needs to take cash out of a property for business purposes.
  4. A homeowner who wants to take equity our of their primary residence to buy an investment property.


How It Works

Our hard money cash out refinance loans are offered by private investors to borrowers based on the value of the borrowers’ real estate assets, rather than based on personal credit.  Because these Loans, including Cash Out Refinance Loans, require far less documentation than conventional loans, borrowers can typically have their loan funded in less than a week.  These Hard Money loans, including Cash Out Refinance Loans, are primarily based on the appraised value of and clear title to the property and the borrower’s exit strategy.


A Cash Out Refinance Loan is designed to be a temporary solution, not a long-term loan.  For this reason, it is structured as a balloon with a term ranging from 6 months to 3 years. At that time, you would need to either sell the property, refinance the loan, or pay the loan off in full.


One important advantage of a Cash Out Refinance Loan is that it is granted more quickly than a conventional loan.  In fact, we usually close and fund our Cash Out Refinance Loans within 3 to 7 business days, and we can close hard money loans in as little as 48 hours.

Program Highlights

  • No minimum credit score
  • Loan amounts ranging from $50,000 to $20 million
  • Loan-to-value (LTV) ratios up to 70%
  • Loan terms from 12 to 36 months
  • We originate 1st, 2nd & 3rd trust deeds
  • Loan closings within 3 to 7 business days


Getting Started

To help you determine if a Cash-Out Refinance Loan is right for you, please contact one of our licensed Loan Specialists by calling us directly at 844-574-LOAN (5626), by completing an application online.


Schedule a Loan Officer Consultation

To determine the right loan program with you, schedule some time with a loan officer to discuss your options. Call us at 844-574-5626 now or schedule a time to meet with a loan officer.





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